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Spanish & Italian Festivals

Spanish Festivals

Spanish Festivals 2011

Spanish Festivals (fiestas) go on throughout the year but the real season is May to September where on any given day there are two street festivals going on in Spain. Spanish festivals involve trumpets, floors flooded with sawdust oh and lots of dancing. Actually there's also drinking strange local substances like Kalimotxo or watching a town stand still while a local competes in the cider pouring competition.

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Italian Festivals

Italian FestivalsItalian has as many festivals (festas) as Spain, most of which revolve around religious ceremonies, many have maintained this pure quality like Noantri in Rome but a lot have taken more 'modern' connotations like the Scoppio del Carro in Florence. Then there's the world renowned Palio di Senia and Venice Regatta too.

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