Fiesta Grande Andacollo


Fiesta-Grande-Andacollo-Chile When & Where Fiesta Grande in Andacollo is a South American fiesta which usually takes place December 24-26th in the town of Andacollo in Central Chile.


Fiesta Grande Chile

What to Expect Thousands of pilgrims arrive in the days leading up to the Fiesta De La Virgen De La Rosario creating a unique atmosphere in the town of Andacollo. The Fiesta Grande Andacollo Ceremonies include religious dances by traditional dancers in the basilica as well as the secular festivities such as cockfighting, horseracing, food markets and of course drinking the local stuff.

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Accommodation in Andacollo Chile

Where to stay Book your accommodation for Fiesta Grande in advance as it's a small town. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Andacollo available here.

History Of Fiesta Virgen Del Rosario


This Bolivian Fiesta celebrates the miracles of the Virgen Del Rosario and the Niño Dios de Sotaquí : Christ Child of Sotaqui. For instance a smallpox epidemic besieged the town in 1871 claiming dozens of lives in a matter of days but was intervened and ceased by the Virgen.

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