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Site Build It WARNING

Site-Build-It-Travel-Websites 1. You are wondering what is with the fake stories that some websites tell you so that you buy SBI.

2. You think there is a hidden agenda and that some websites are getting something from you joining SBI- they are !

If you want to see the origins of this website and more detailed information about SBI Websites please click here

The Truth about Fake SBI Stories

Me visiting my charity projects in Ethiopia


Some Site Build It (SBI-Promoted by Ken Evoy) websites may try to get you to buy their product for $299 per year. The last SBI website you visit before you buy the product earns a commission on your purchase. Some SBI websites attempt to get you to buy the product so that they can make money from you.

*IMPORTANT: When you buy an SBI product through the link on an SBI website the website owner gets a commission. If you buy through the official SBI website an agent gets the commission - you will never get any help from this person as they don't need to help you*. Therefore there is no advantage to buying SBI from the official website. Once you join SBI you have the option to create an "About Us" page on your new website to try to sell SBI to your visitors, people will buy SBI from you and you will make commissions on your future sales of SBI. Not all SBI websites do this but if you're here chances are you have seen a few that do.

Now you know the horrible truth. Actually it's not that horrible. I joined SBI two years ago and it has been the second best decision of my life. (The first was cycling Africa for charity you can read my blog "AFRICA by bicycle" here)

The great thing about my website: www.festivalpig.com & me: Conor Devine is that you can trust my story. Here's a quick bio of my life since joining SBI:

1. Since joining SBI in April 2007 I have spent eleven months travelling

Conor Devine DCU student card 2. Since creating festivalpig in April 2007 I have taken a one year Masters in Development Politics (a full time course)- Don't believe me ? here's a copy of my student card --->-->->

3. Since joining SBI I have raised over €22,000 for charity. You can see my charity fundraising page here.

4. I cycled the length of Africa in 2008 (Click here for my African Blog) and only accessed my website three times in four months. During this time my daily website revenue quadrupled even though I was not even working on it.

Now you can see the success of my website and you can trust me. I have enjoyed my life traveling, working for my charity, studying as a full time student and I run a business without breaking stride and I have provided evidence.

My & my bicycle on a break in a desert in Namibia


By now you should trust me and my brand- there are numerous ways my story checks out. I am Conor Devine. You found this page because I run a successful website and actually I found you through my specialised techniques some of which are from SBI, others I have learnt on my own THESE make me a successful website owner.

I am sure there's one more question...

Why buy SBI from Conor Devine

Yes, like others I am trying to sell you SBI products but that does not make me a bad person. SBI gave me the power to travel and return to college to study third world Development Politics - a subject that intrigues me. These two things are important to me and combining them has been a dream come true for me. I make money and I rarely deal with customers and most importantly I decide what I do with my time.

SBI can do the same for you but why should you buy SBI from Conor Devine ?

1. YES. I will earn a commission if you buy SBI from this webpage. But remember the last SBI website you visit before you purchase will earn a commission on your sale. You know a lot about me from this page and you can trust my story. I have been honest about how SBI works and have hidden nothing.

2. You can trust me. You can trace my movements since I joined SBI and therefore know I am not making any of this up. The evidence is on this webpage (University, Travel, Charity)

3. If you purchase SBI from this page you will be on my SBI sales team.

4. I am a tangible product- meaning you can see my success with festivalpig and in my offline life.

5. *BONUS* I will give you 4 hours of tuition in successful SBI websites and making money online. You can use this time anyway you like and anytime you like. We can do this by SKYPE, MSN Messenger, Facebook Chat, Telephone, email - or any way you want. **No other SBI website can offer you this level of expertise nor will they offer it**

Your SBI Facts


1. You can use SBI to create a website

2. You can earn money from a website as you travel

3. You can earn revenue whilst working for a charity organisation

4. You can earn money from a website as a student

5. You can cycle the length of Africa if you want but trust me it's a lot easier to start a successful website !

Other websites might disguise the fact that they will earn a commission from you joining SBI. I don't and they probably won't give you personal attention (like my additional *Bonus* above) and it will take you longer to set up your website. I can help you get found by the search engines and start making money weeks earlier.

To make sure you join my SBI team you need to buy SBI through this link (& remember there is a risk free full money back Guarantee):

You can purchase SBI here & receive 4 hours of tutorials from Conor Devine. You can succeed with SBI now is the time for affirmative action.

**FREE GIFT E-book** I am prepared to share the e-book Make Your Knowledge Sell with you- this is what made our website a success. This was the first step I took when I joined SBI. Please enter your e-mail address in this box & I will send you on a copy. This is a secure website & I promise not to use your e-mail for anything else.

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Things change, always check details with a second source. We do not guarantee the validity of information found here and on associated websites and therefore can not be held liable. www.FestivalPig.com © All Rights Reserved 2007-2015.

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