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Sisters Meal Festival

Sisters-Meal China When & Where The Sisters Meal Festival is an Asian festival which takes place on the 15th day of the third Lunar month (from mid-late April) in the areas of Guizhou, Shidong & Taijiang in China. This Chinese festival lasts two days.

Festival of The Sisters Meal

Sisters Meal 2011 is 17-19 April.

What to Expect It's an ancient courtship ritual. Women adorn themselves in silver (to warn off evil spirits) and dance to the traditional Chinese instrument of Lusheng. The men must offer women a package of rice and the women must in turn pass one back which will let the man know if he gets the green light or not ! If you find two chopsticks in your rice : get your jacket you've pulleed. One chopstick in your rice means she wants to be "just friends". Theres plenty of Chinese traditional drinks like mijiu on offer and the festivities continue into the night in the packed streets and bars. If you are so inclined there's also cockfighting and buffalo fights. It is also a great time to buy local silver at great prices as well as traditional Chinese crafts.

Getting there Book a flight into a train in Asia Any airport in China here or book here. There is a bus service between Taijiang and Shidong.

Accommodation in China

Where to stay Book your accommodation for The Sisters Meal below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Shidong, Taijiang, Guizhou & the rest of China available here.

History: Chinas Romantic Rice Festival

The Sister's Meal Festival is the oldest festival among the Miao minority who have inhabited in Guizhou province in the 18th century. Rice was the staple diet and the Miao who were pleased with their newly acquired arable land wished to celebrate it with the promise of fertility for future generations.

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