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Seven Sisters Festival

Lovers Rock Hong Kong
Lovers Rock Hong Kong

When & Where The Seven Sisters Festival is an Asian festival which takes place at Lovers Rock on Bowen Road Wan Chai in Hong Kong on the seventh day of the seventh Lunar month.

In 2011 the sisters festival will probably be on 6th August.

Qi Xi : Seven Sisters

What to Expect This Asian festival is Hong Kongs answer to Valentines Day. Girls from Hong Kong must show potential suitors that they are worthy by showboating their talents by traditional weaving, cooking or by other traditional crafts and attributes. Girls make offerings to the stars of flowers and food to symbolize the man she so desires. After the offering powder is thrown on the roof to attract the beauty of the Seven Sister stars.

Getting there Book a flight into Hong Kong Airport here.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

There are some quality hotels and budget accommodation in HK available here for the Festival of the Seven Sisters.

Night of The Skills

History This originates from a fairy tale about the Seven Fairy Sisters who went swimming naked – Yep a local farmer stole their clothes. The naked sister who retrieved the clothes had to marry the cheeky mortal as he had seen her naked. Her mother disapproved and formed a river in the sky to divide the couple (this is the Milky Way). For the Night of the Seven Sisters Magpies fly into the Milky Way and form a bridge so they can fulfil their forbidden love

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