Semana Santa in Guatemala & Spain

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When & Where Semana Santa usually takes place during Easter week in Seville in Spain but it can be enjoyed throughout most Spanish cities and towns.

***USA-Festivals-below-paragraph-1.shtml*** This festival is celebrated in the city of Antigua in Guatemala

What to Expect From Palm Sunday to Easter Monday 130 large floats which recreate and explain the origins of Easter are carried through the streets starting in

Semana Santa Guatemala Seville on Calle Campana on it's way to Avenida de la Constitucion, then on to the Catedral. It takes almost 75,000 people to carry these stations by almost 80 different brotherhoods of the Spanish Church. In Seville you can stand by the processions for the Good Friday Parade - which is the biggest and best with millions of people following the processions through the streets. If possible try to get to where the procession enters the Catedral. Semana Santa in Antigua city in Guatemala is a more livlier performance then that of Seville.

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Semana Santa Fiesta

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History of Semana Santa Festival


Semana Santa celebrates Christ's Cruxifixion and the stations of the cross. It has been celebrated fsince the Middle Ages. ***USA-Festivals-below-paragraph-1.shtml***

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