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Semana Grande Bilbao

Semana Grande Bilbao

Semana Grande Bilbao When & Where The Semana Grande Bilbao (also known as Aste Nagusia) Spanish Festival occurs for 1 week in August every year. This Spanish fiesta occurs in the town of Bilbao in Spain which is sitauted on the North coast to the West of the French border. The next Semana Grande is August 20-28th 2011.

What to Expect Lots of music- in fact like most Spanish street parties there is no such thing as sleep- just long blinks. The party goes on through the night as traditional and contemporary music belts out throught the streets and the Plaza, especially Plaza Nueva. There's also lots of fun events like the strong man competition.

Aste Nagusia Bilbao

Accommodation in Bilbao There's lots of great quality and cheap hotels and hostels to book in Bilbao and Spain here.

Getting to Bilbao Bilbao is easily accessible; you can book a flight into any Spanish airport here or book a train in Spain and Europe here.

Be warned Like any free street festival pick pockets are rife so only take what you need (you can always return to the atm/hostel later for more money). Also like most Spanish festivals the town closes down so get your supplies before-hand because locals tend to take a very long siesta for Bilbao's Semana Grande.

Bilbao Basque Heritage Festival

This Spanish festival is in honour of the Basque heritage of the city of Bilbao.

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