Reveillon in Brasil


Reveillon Brasil
Reveillon Brasil When & Where Reveillon in Brasil is Brasils way to celebrate the new year if in Rio de Janeiro go to Copacabana Beach and if you’re near Salvador check out the Farol da Barra area.

What to expect Amazing music- pounding Afro-Brasilian roots music, sexy carnival costumes, Fireworks display, samba, that Brasilian hospitality that you just can’t beat – a very late night.

***USA-Festivals-below-paragraph-1.shtml*** Getting there Book a flight into Rio de Janeiro or Salvador airport here

Brasil accommodation New Years Eve

Where to stay There’s lots of accommodation available during Reveillon: you can find a quality hotel or cheap accommodation in Rio or Salvador here.

New Years Eve Reveillon in Brazil

History This is a worldwide celebration. The word Reveillon translates from French meaning “long holiday” this comes from the time that France coloniswed a certain part of Brasil exporting Brasil-wood. In Rio , a city famed for civil unrest and danger- there is rarely ever a police report filed for Reveillon.

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