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Queen's Day

By Yuli Linssen Kaminitz, guest blogger from EasyToBook.com

Queen's day, (30th of April) or as it called in Dutch: Koninginnedag, is the biggest event of the year in the Netherlands. During the day, people from all over the country celebrate the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina who is the grandmother of Queen Beatrix, the current queen. Queen's day is an event that everybody looks forward to for the entire year. In the last couple of years it became so big, that even visitors from the rest of Europe came to the Netherlands in order to celebrate together with the Dutch people.

So what is so special about Queen's day?

Party, party, party

Queens Day Holland 2011

image source

The first aspect that contributes to the immense popularly of this day is the wide variety of good parties. Famous D.J's and artists from all around the globe arrive in Amsterdam to mix for the cheerful crowd. For people who prefer open air parties rather than close clubs, there is enough selection for you as well: the parties are everywhere! The famous Amsterdam's canals are packed with busy boats with dancing people and pumping music in the background. The parks, central squares and every street corner are occupied with joyful people who celebrate together. If you want to avoid the masses but still want to go to a good party, then you better go to the events that are being organized on the night before. Queen's night, for most people, is considered to be a better time for going out, rather than on the day itself.

Free market

Free Market Amsterdam 2011

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One of the nicest things to do on Queen's day is to stroll around the free market and find some unique and cheap treasures. Dutch people are known to be excellent traders and they are able to practice their trading skills on Queen's day: all around the streets people are participating in this free, flea market where it is possible to sell and buy different items. Clothes, DVD's, paintings, books and old bikes, are just some of the things you will be able to find there.

Orange, Heineken and more Dutch traditions

orange Dog Queens Day Holland 2011

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Aside from the fact that Queen's day celebrates the birthday of the queen, it is also a day where the Dutch citizens gather together in order to enjoy some national unity. During the day you will be able to see all the Dutch traditions in their glory: orange color everywhere (it is the symbol of Holland as its referring to the name of the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange) a lot of Heineken beers and French fries with mayonnaise, and if you hear people singing some unfamiliar tunes, these are probably some of the popular Dutch songs which were written about the country long time ago.

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