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Pulilan Carabao Festival
in the Philippines

Pulilan Carabao Philipinnes

When & Where The Pulilan Carabao occurs May 14 & 15th in Pulilan in the Philipinnes.

What to expect Philippines families who rely so much on their water buffalo decide to treat it for the day by cleaning cleaning the mud off 'em, shaving their hair, cleaning their pink flesh.

Pulilan Carabao Then they get massaged with aromatic oil and dressed in crowns of frangipani and hibiscu. They are also painted and almost look like an ornament.

The San Isidro buffaloes are then paraded through the streets to the church square in a with floats and trucks decorated with flowers, fruit and vegetables of every colour imaginable. The priests then ask the buffaloes to kneel and bless them, ensuring their good health and vitality for the next year.

Water Buffalo Festival Phillippines

Accommodation Theres plenty of budget hotels and quality accommodation n the Philippines available here.

Getting there Pulilan is only a few kilometres outside Manila so fly into Manila International Airport here.

San Isidro Festival Philippines

San Isidro Festival Philippines History This fun festival began as a celebration of San Isidro Labrador-the patron-saint of farmers.

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