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Pingsi Lantern Festival

Pingsi Lantern Festival

When & Where The Pingsi Lantern Festival is a Chinese Lantern Festival which occurs every February for six days in the town of Pingsi near Taipei, Taiwan. The area is also referred to as PingXi and the festival culminates on the 17th February 2011.

What to expect Six days of rejoicing. The highlight of this festival is the releasing of Chinese lanterns into the air creating a magical sea of lights. There’s also lots of street entertainment, dancing and markets too.

PingXi Lantern Festival

Getting there Book a flight into Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport here, or book a train to Taipei then take a bus to Pingsi.

Where to stay Pingsi has lots of cheap accommodation & quality hotels available here.

History of Chinese Lanterns

History of Chinese Lanterns History The history of Chinese lanterns began during the Ching Dynasty when bands of outlaws frequently raided Taiwans villages around Pingsi. Local residents would seek refuge in the mountains. The Sky Lanterns were signals used by the village watchmen to inform the residents that the village was once again safe
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