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SBI Websites Review

**If you ignore everything on this page at least see our free ebook at the bottom of the page)** If you think SBI is a scam you must click here to read an article about how SBI websites can trick you.

Conor Devine SBI website

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


Hi, Conor Devine here conor@festivalpig.com or contact me here writing on behalf of my fellow Festivalpigs. I hope you're enjoying our website as much as we enjoy working on it. We are passionate about Festivals and we enjoy the site because the small effort we put in really pays off. We wanted to create a fun website but we ended up with a web business- not too shabby for a pack of jokers.

Me (centre) doing
research with friends
at the Munich Oktoberfest

SBI-Hoffbrau-Beer-Tent-Munich doing research with friends

Here is our success story and if you like something the way we like festivals maybe you too can have your success story : a business which you enjoy doing. If you don't need money or you don't need your own business or if change scares you : please don't read any further.

FACT *Festivalpig went online 1st April 2007 with no revenue and <10 visitors per week. Now we have thousands of visitors a day and 8 different ways to make money*

Q. How do friends located in different countries create a successful website ?


Alright so there was 12 of us Festivalpigs with great information & photos to create-a-website. But not one of us had a clue about creating a website, HTML code or how to succeed with "Mother Google". Some Festivalpigs had facebook and myspace pages. However some Festivalpigs didn't even have an email address ! Living in different countries and working/studying/traveling we simply didn’t have the time to learn how to create-a-website.

Me (centre) doing
research at Pamplonas
Bull Running Festival


FACT* This webpage didn't always exist. Visitors (like you) kept emailing us asking how we were so lucky to make money from what we enjoy. It took too much time to reply to everyone so that was when knew we had to make this page.*

We still don’t know anything about websites

SBI Websites have a program explaining everything you need to know about how to create-a-website that's successful and popular. It provides you with 10 one-hour tutorials (you can watch them, read them or listen to them) these will provide you with all the knowledge and tools you need to attract websurfers & let Google know about you. If you do already own a website you can transfer it straight to SBI and benefit from all their tools and shortcuts, shaving hours off your online week.

I realised how much easier it is to make a decision about buying a product online when you have most of the product available. With this in mind I purchased the rights from Site Build It to the 10 one-hour tutorials so you can see exactly how simple SBI can be. Click here for free access to the online tutorials.

No Experienced Required !

SBI success website moneyUs Festivalpigs had no previous experience but we did have photos and crazy drunk naked happy memories. We knew we wanted to record our travels, with no costs or time commitments and make some money. SBI taught us how that can be possible.

The money we generate from this website is put into a Festival Kitty which is used for a little "research" when we meet up.

SBI only teaches you the way of the tortoise. Success doesn't happen overnight and in any business patience is key to growth. Some of us had ideas about making millions overnight. THAT DOESN'T HAPPEN. But it success can happen over time you just need a little patience and a subject you enjoy.

Here's a quick tour of SBI's services

Anyone can use SBI

SBI is like one giant Myspace with thousands of subscribers (all own websites) on hand to answer any questions you may have. There are forums, tech support operators and thousands of people who have been at the starting line before. Believe me they will do everything they can to help you. There's no such thing as a stupid (or unanswered) question. This entire website was built on a simpler tool then facebook with simple options e.g. "insert picture here" "insert text here" "preview page" "check keywords" etc. Here is a free trial of an SBI Search tool that helps you decide what keywords to place on a webpage..

Full Money Back Guarantee

That's right - SBI remove all risk by offering you the full money back if you're not satisified with what you get. Imagine...you could get SBI for a month learn it all in your spare time and STILL get your money back !

No Idea for a website ?

make-your-own-websiteUs Festivalpigs knew the website we wanted to do years ago, but thousands don’t. That’s ok, in fact that’s better then ok. SBI welcomes a blank canvas. They have a Brainstorming tool where you can research exactly what’s hot and what’s not on the internet. You can see what is an untapped online niche market with one mouse click.

Festivalpig.com was an idea in our head & hearts for years. But all we heard about creating websites from people in the industry was it’s a lot of work. You need to learn HTML. It’s a full time job. It's boring. It's not. With SBI you can cut out the time and money. It’s the definitive all in one package for a successful website. You can do it as a pastime or full time.

How did we know ?

None of us had a clue at all where to go with our dream of doing what we love and maybe making some money at it too. How would you like to run a website on what you love ? Of course- so I took it upon myself. I looked at lots of other possibilities like an expensive boring computer programming/website course, yahoo business options, msn business or maybe we could run a blog like every other traveler in the world.

So What will SBI Cost me ?

Maybe an easier question is what won't SBI cost you ? Ok so there's the course you will have to take to learn HTML and website design as well as troubleshooting. Another saved cost will be the technical support onhand 24/7 by email, skype and phone. Did I mention SBI also host your website. The infinite number of tools you would have to buy to analyse every webpage and paragraph to make sure it's formatted correct is also included in SBI.

Once you have put all these things together in one package then of course you have the most gut-wrenching cost of all : time. SBI will save you 80% of the time it takes you to put a website together as everything is already provided for you and introduced to you at the time when it is necessary.

We wanted something of our own and not have to pay thousands for some I.T. dude to rip us off.

No Problem, Just Solutions

After a lot of research I knew this was it -I'd like to say we took a chance but the service for the price left no risk. We joined up immediatley and the rest is history. If you have a website you can transfer it to SBI and save a lot of time in maintenance, offline businesses also use SBI and some sell goods online- it's all possible. This was the solution for our group of FestivalPigs.

So what will SBI cost ? a lot less then what it would cost to learn about websites and then buy all the different tools to set one up or worse pay someone to make one- then you end up dependant on that person. The price of SBI will save you both money and time. If you would like to contact me then email conor@festivalpig.com or contact me here. If you would like to talk by phone I am contactable by landline and skype just send me an email and say when is a good time for you to talk but remember I do travel a lot so if my response is a little late I apologise in advance.

So what about our future ?

The Sun will rise, children will play and dogs will bark. Ok serious face time: the future for Festivalpig is wide open. Each page on this site generates hundreds of clicks a day and through SBIs guidance each visitor will contribute, sometimes without even knowing. How would you like a business where clients give you money without ever even talking or contacting you ? Festivalpig is moving beyond being a mere congested traffic site however as we have agreed to publish an ebook about world festivals ! That has been our dream for a long time and naturally my pigs will all contribute. But I am stoked - We are getting paid for the rights to publish something we love researching. We won't even have to buy any extra software- SBI has the tools to launch ebooks.

We have also had many offers from tour operating companies to

1. Sell the website.
2. Sell 50% of our content pages.
3. Promote just one travel company.
4. Transform into a portal website that points into a mundane "link engine".

This is only a sample of our success from something we enjoy doing and you can also have this success all you need is one thing you are passionate about- if you can't think of one, SBI has the tools to point you in the right direction. Then all you need is to be passionate with your time.

After the ebook deal we're quite happy to see what offers come in when it's published. Anyway why would we get out of a web-business that gets bigger every day.

The future ? maybe a hardback if we play it right, become a festival tour company or maybe sell hard goods for festivals: tents & camping equipment- who knows. Right now we'll just keep on enjoying it.

What about YOUR future

If owning a business for less then US$.83 per day (less then the amount of money that 1 click on my google ads make) is not for you leave this page. If running a business that makes money with no maintenance is not for you then ignore this page. However if you are passionate about anything: beauty products, cars, computer games, celebrities, festivals or even soccer players you can easily create a website about something you are interested in. When you buy SBI they will let you measure the demand for every keyword you can use so you know you will bring traffic. Traffic = ? yep money. Here is some evidence of how SBI attracts people to websites If have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me conor@festivalpig.com or contact me here. If you would like to talk by phone I am contactable by landline and skype. SBI gave us the choice to do what we want with our time, imagine what it could do for you.

"I feel sorry for the person who can't get genuinely excited about his work. Not only will he never be satisfied, but he will never achieve anything worthwhile."

Walter Chrysler

Click here for the price of SBI

**FREE E-book** I am prepared to share the e-book Make Your Knowledge Sell with you- this is what made our website a success. This was the first step I took when I joined SBI. Please enter your e-mail address in this box & I will send you on a copy. This is a secure website & I promise not to use your e-mail for anything else.

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Still think SBI is a fake then click here for the secret trickery of SBI

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