Phujllay Festival Bolivia

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When & Where Phujllay Festival Bolivia is a South American fiesta usually takes place during on the second or third weekend in March in the town of Tarabuco in Bolivia.

In 2010 Phujllay takes place on March 24th.

What to expect This Latin America festival begins with a Quechua mass, then a chicha and ceibo fuelled procession of folkloric dances. Eventually the Pukhara altar is decorated with flowers, fruits, vegetables, bread and the locals alcohol. There is also the election of a virgin princess.

Getting there Book a flight into Sucre airport here then try to take a train to Tarabuco or local bus here


Chichi Santo Tomas Fiesta

Where to stay Book your accommodation for Phujllay well in advance as it's a small town. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Tarabuco here.

History Of Phujllay in Tarabuco, Bolivia


Phujllay (translates as "play" in Quechua) was originally a pre-Hispanic Pukhara fertility festival. Phujllay remembers the Tarabuceños’ triumph over the large army of Spanish conquistadors in the Battle of Jumbate on March 12 1816. A statue in the Tarabuco town square shows a local soldier cut open the chests of a conquistador. Apparently the Battle of Jumbate featured a lot of cannibalistic acts.

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