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Patum Corpus Christi Berga

Patum Fiesta Berga Spain - next one is June 4th 2011

When & Where The Patum Corpus Christi Spanish Fiesta usually begins the first Thursday after Holy week and lasts for 1 week in the town of Berga 100kms from Barcelona in Spain.

What to Expect A pyrotechnics display like no other: this is the fulcrum of the Spanish festival. Late nights and dancing through the streets as well as massive Tabal drums and bells fill the backdrop which is headlined by at least 9 different parades:

Patum Spain Festival fiesta |El Tabal (The Drum)

|Turcs i Cavallets (Turks and Little Horses)

|Les Maces (The Maces)

|Les Guites (The Mules)

|L'Ă€liga (The Eagle)

|Els Nans Vells (The Old Dwarves)

|Els Gegants (The Giants)

|Els Nans Nous (The New Dwarves)

|Els Plens (The "Plens")

Getting there Book a flight into Barcelona or any Spanish Airport here or take a from any Spanish city here

Patum de Berga Festival

Where to stay Book your accommodation for Patum Fiesta in advance. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Berga and near Barcelona available here.

History: Spains Corpus Christi Fiesta


The history of this Spanish fiesta can be traced back to the Middle Ages however it has changed a lot due to more advanced costumes and theatrics as well as fire displays improving.

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