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Palio di Siena

Palio di Siena in Italy
Palio di Siena

When & Where The Palio di Siena occurs twice a year 2nd July & 16th August at 4.30pm on a sand covered Piazza Del Campo in Siena, Tuscany in Italy.

Competitors from the 17 quarters (17 contrade in Italian) of the city take part bearing their areas colours. The Siena’s 17 contrade were armies created in the Middle Ages to defend the city after they took their independence from Florence. Today Sienas Contrades are residential areas. Contrade members are encouraged not to marry out of their own Contrade.

Accommodation in Siena

Accommodation There are quality hotels and budget accommodation in Siena available here.

Getting there You can fly into Bologna or Pisa here or take a train from any major European city here.

Palio Siena Contradas

Palio Siena Contradas Many of Palio Sienna Contradas have alliances. Some date back hundreds of years, others are made seconds before the race. This depends greatly on the quality of rider and horse. Experienced Palio riders can keep their horses restless, delay the race starting and hence buy themselves time to make last second deals.

Who to support Il Bruco, the caterpillars. Eternal underdogs, large in number, short in resources.

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