Oruro Carnival 2011

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When & Where The Oruro Carnival Bolivian festival is 10 days long but the best day is on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday for the dancing devils parade. In 2011 the carnaval is on March 5 & 6th. This South American festival is in the mining town of Oruro in Bolivia at 3,700m above sea level !

Oruro Carnaval in Bolivia


Oruro-Carnival-Tomke-Antropturista What to expect Around 600,000 people line the streets during Oruro Carnival with hundreds of traditional Bolivian bands, thousands of traditional dancers and a procession that takes a full day to end. The parade is led by San Miguel who is followed by devils, El Tio - lord of the underworld and lots of conquistadores painted like devils. This parade makes its way to the soccer stadium where good triumphs over evil through the art of dance. Also many farmers and miners offer the fruit of their labour for the carnival.

Dia Del Agua / Day of Water This occurs the Monday after Ash Wednesday where the town has a crazy water bomb fight.

Cha Lla Another part of this Bolivian festival where alcohol is sprinkled over four sacred rocks and in turn over material goods.

Getting there Book a flight into any La Paz airport here then book a train to Oruro for carnaval here

Oruro Accommodation

Where to stay With a population of almost 30,000, Oruro has lots of places to stay: Cheap accommodation and excellent hotels available in Oruro during the carnival festival are available here

History of Oruros Carnival Originally believed to be an Andean Uru festival which was taken over by Christian Conquistadores and transformed into the typical carnival we all know today.

More Oruro Carnaval details are also available here at Boliviabella.com

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