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Oktoberfest Beer Festival
Munich 2013

Oktoberfest 2013 Munich : renewing beer goggles for the 177th time

Oktoberfest Beer Festival Munich 2012

Oktoberfest Dates 2013
September 21st - October 6th

Oktoberfest 2013 Munich

Please read on for updated tips to enjoy your Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich.

When & Where This traditional German beer festival usually occurs the last Saturday of September until the first Sunday of October every year in Munich in Bavaria, in the South of Germany. More dates are featured below.
Oktoberfest History Prince Ludwig of Bavaria wanted people to share the celebration of his marriage to Princess Therese with 40,000 guests in 1810. This was the first Munich Beerfest. Beer Wenches These helpful frauleins can be tastier then the sweet stein beer they cradle. Tip 'em to ensure a cool beer.

Dangers & Annoyances in Munich

Das Boot It is not unheard of for a stranger to make eye contact and challenge you to one of the following:

PROST! which is German for

'I think I can drink this litre of beer faster than you can drink your one.'

This is usually followed by a 'chug-off' which locals disapprove of as it can lead to spillage of beer and staining of lederhosen.

Das Boot

There are two ways this can go and it can impact the way you smell for a week:

Das Boot You are presented with a beautiful long glass/leather boot filled with beer and challenged to drink it all. This is difficult due to the capacity of the boot. Failure to complete or win the challenge is punishable by further Boots often accompanied by nudity.

Your Boot You are requested to remove one of your shoes/boots, fill it with beer and drink it down. This is difficult because you know that you will need this item of footwear for walking. Failure to use your shoe may result in using your friends shoe.

Munich Beerfest 2013

Munich Beerfest Where to stay Munich has lots of beds for beer fiends from fun hostels to posh hotels. The important thing is to get accommodation near Theresienwiese or else you could wind up lost on the S-Bahn, Munichs underground train !

What to wear Easy, German Lederhosen. Always Lederhosen. The locals love it and it a sure fire way to pull if you are a girl or boy looking for either.

We suggest renting lederhosen before you go to Munich so as not to disrupt your oktoberfest drinking patterns. We looked into buying Laiderhosen in Munich but it was quite pricey. (it is suede, bells & leather you know)

Getting there You can fly to Munich international airport here. Ryanair have flights from 15 European cities (Including London, Dublin & Edinburgh) to/from Memmingen Airport (Munich West). It is a 45 minutes bus journey to the city centre and less than 40 minutes drive. Munich is also accessible by train from most major European city you can book a European train here.

Oktoberfest Beer Tents Tickets

Here are the 14 beer tents that make up Octoberfest at Theresienwiese, Munich:
- Hippodrome
- Fischer Vroni
- Ambrustschützenzelt
- Hofbräu Festhalle
- Hacker Festzelt
- Schottenhamel
- Winzerer Fähnd'l
- Schützen-Festzelt
- Käfer Wiesenschänke
- Weinzelt
- Löwenbräu
- Bräurosl
- Augustinerfesthalle
- Ochsenbraterei

Beer Tents Tickets

Munich Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest Munich 2013

Nightclubs Das Kunstpark Ost area, a taxi ride out of the city center and Theresienwiese. Be warned that most peoples night will end at the beer tent at around 6pm ! the tents close at 11pm.

Be prepared for... No phone coverage at the beer festival. Set a meeting point area if you're in a group. Oh and please try to pretend you're going to notice someone missing after 5 litres of beer.

Beer fest tickets Purchase your Oktoberfest tickets online.

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