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Oaxaca Radish Festival

Oaxaca Radish Festival

Oaxaca Radish Festival - When & Where The Oaxaca Radish Festival takes place in the town of Oaxaca in Mexico. This Mexican festival known as night of the radishes occurs on December 23rd every year. This festival is known as Noche de Rábanos in Spanish.

Radish Festival Mexico What happens ? Everyone gathers in the Plaza Zócalo and an exhibition of sculptures made from a type of large red radish which can weigh up to 3.00 kilograms ensues. Sculptures are made to look like to Jesus and other regulars to the nativity scene as well as local folklore characters ; Baile Folklorico. A contest is held with the first-prize winner getting their picture in the newspaper. This event manages to attract thousands of spectators every year, the event builds up from about a week before with local events organised and artists keeping their radishers fresh by spraying them with water.

Mexico Transport & Accommodation

Getting there The nearest airport to this festival is Xoxocotlan International Airport in Oaxaca & you can book flights here with Mexican airways or book a train here.

Accommodation Book budget hostel or quality hotels in Oaxaca here.

Festival History

Radish sculpting is a Mexican tradition dating back hundreds of years Legend tells of two Spanish friars who encouraged indigenous peoples to cultivate produce in the lowlands irrigated by the Atoyac River. One of the said monks suggested that the farmers carve radishes to look like objects in the real world (not the radish one) so that people would relate to the vegetable and thus feel buying local lowland vegetables at the market. The tradition of displaying carved radishes originated in the Christmas Vigil market held on the 23rd of December.Centuries later in 1897 Francisco Vasconcelos Flores, the then Oaxaca mayor created the festival to lift local spirits with a cash prize, little did he know the notoriety that would accompany radish sculptors.

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