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Naked Festival Japan

Japan-Naked-Festivals When & Where The Naked Festival Japan is an Asian festival which takes place on the third Saturday in February in the Kannon-in Temple in Saidai-Ji in Japan.

What to Expect Let’s be Frank it’s not naked, more of a loincloth festival but Naked sounds better. Let’s also be very frank and say that there’s lots more guys then girls at this Japanese festival. In the temple at midnight thousands of loin-clad men wrestle and tussle for 2 tiny but sacred sticks called Shingi.

Sound hot ? it isn’t. the temperature is near zero. To ensure their bodies are nicely taught ice cold water is poured over the guys. If you think this is romantic - think again. Fights break out and some participants get a cold. It's a great time to visit Nara & Japan as it is also around the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival time.

Getting there Book a flight into Tokyo or any airport in Japan here or book a train in Asia here.

Accommodation in Japan

Where to stay Book your accommodation for Saidai-Ji Naked Festival below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Said-Ji & the rest of Japan available here.

History of Said-Ji Eyo

This Japanese festival is a celebration of the Lunar New Year. Apparently priests would throw talismans to the crowds which were eventually replaced with the shingi. These sacred Japanese sticks bring a year of fortune to their bearer

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