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Mummers Parade Philadelphia

Mummers Parade Philadelphia

Mummers Day Philidelphia

When & Where The Mummers Day Parade takes place in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, in America: every New Years Day.

What to expect Dudes in drag. About 15,000 people get to 2nd Street Philadelphia on new Year's Day to march in this massive parade. They form New Year's Associations which represent all the different cultures - Irish, English, Finnish, German and African.

Philadelphia Mummers Day String and Brass bands fill the streets to welcome the new year ensuring no new year's eve anti-climax. It's a real carnival and makes staying a couple of days in Philly a real carnaval experience and prize money can be up to US$400,000.

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Philadelphia Accommodation

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Mummers Day History

There are 2 cultures claiming ownership of Mummers roots 1 that it dates to 400 BC from the Roman Festival of Saturnalias legend has it the streets were filled with people bearing gifts. 2 The Celtic variations of “trick-or-treat” whereby Druidic noise-making to drive away demons for the new year.
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