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Moringhem Scarecrow Festival in France

Moringhem ScarecrowWhen & Where The Moringhem Scarecrow Festival this French Festival is always in April and usually around the third weekend of April in the town of Moringhem: Nord Pais De Calais.

What to expect The town is overrun with scarecrows (épeutnaerts) and theirs is a French Country music ball. It’s a funny-creepy buzz

Getting there Book a flight into any French Airport here

Accommodation in Moringhem

Where to stay There’s not much accommodation available during the Scarecrow Festival in Moringhem: It’s population is less then 500 so book accommodation in Calais in advance here.

La Fete des épeutnaerts en Moringhem

History This French festival began in 1989 and draws up to 40,000 visitors each year.

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