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Moors Christians Festival

Moors Christians Festival Spain

When & Where This Spanish historical recreation Festival occurs on the 23/24 April around the feast of St George (Sant Jordi/San Jorge). This Spanish fiesta is best spent in town of Alcoi, Valencia in the South-East of Spain. Another good Christians and Moors Fiesta occurs in the town of Albacete in Catalonia during September.

What to expect Hundreds of people parading about in Bombastic dark –middle ages clothes fashioning fur, metal helmets and armour riding horses: these represent the Spanish. People representing Moors dress in Arabic costumes armed with scitimar swords riding camels and elephants. During this Spanish Fiesta theres lots of medieval music, bonfires, fireworks and gunpowder. The crux of the festival is the recreation of a battle scene from years past where a castle is surrounded.

Getting there Book a flight into Valencia International Airport here or take a train to Valencia from any European city here

Moros y Cristianos / Moros i Cristians

History. The Moors amd Christians Festival in Spain is a recreation of the Moor Invasions “Reconquista” period from the 8th century through the 15th. In Alcoi during the battle of the castle, when the Moors looked likely to win, St George miraculously appeared and frightened the Moors away.

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