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Monkey Festival Thailand

Thailands Monkey Festival
Thailand Monkey Festival

When & Where The Monkey Fest usually occurs the last Sunday in November at the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, Thailand.

What to expect Lots of Macaque monkeys. The town goes to the Pra Prang Buddhist Temple and offers a feast to the Simians who share the town. There is much rejoicing and yes, monkey business.

Getting there Book a flight into Bangkok International Airport here then take a train Lopburi.

Lopburi Monkey Feast History

Monkey Festival Lopburi History It's a monkey toast to Rama, hero of an epic, he awarded the province to the Monkey King Hanuman. Lopburi in Thailand is a beautiful village with lots of beautiful old buidings- well worth a few days.

Lopburi Accommodation

Where to stay Lopburi has lots of cheap accommodation available here & excellent hotels throughout Thailand are available here here.

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