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Mid Autumn Festival China

Mid-Autumn Festival China

Chinas Moon Festival When & Where The Mid Autumn Festival China occurs on the fifteenth day of the eight lunar month (usually on September full moon) and is celebrated all over China.

Mid Fall Festival Dates

September 12, 2011

September 30, 2012

China's Mid Autumn Festival

What to Expect A.K.A. The Moon Cake Festival is Chinas biggest festival celebrated with lots of traditional Chinese snacks such as Moon Cakes. There is also lots of parades, traditional music and dances, fireworks and firecrackers are let off as well as lanterns are released into the air.

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Accommodation in China

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History of Chinas Moon Cake Festival

This is an offering to the Chinese Lunar Goddess Chang'e (who lives on the Moon) in return for a good harvest.

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