Mes Morado in Peru


Mes Morado in Peru
Mes Morado in Lima Peru When & Where Mes Morado is a month full of Processions and feasts which are celebrated throughout the month of October all over Peru and in particular in Lima.

Mes Morado Lima PeruThe celebration of Lord of Miracles (El-Senor-De-Los-Milagros) usually occurs the 18th, 28th & 29th October.

What to expect The entire country on the streets on the streets wearing purple - the colour of the Nazerenas nuns. There's lots of nougat and fritters on offer and afterwards the Acho bullring of Lima is the place to be as matadors compete for the Golden Cape of our Lord of Miracles.


Getting there Book a flight into Lima International Airport here or you can book a train to Lima here

Lord of Miracles Festival Peru

Where to stay Peru and Lima has plenty of accommodation: quality Hotels and basic hostels which can be booked here

El Senor De Los Milagros: History

History This religous festival celebrates a 350 year old mural (painted by a freed slave) of Christ - El Senor De Los Milagros. The first festival took place in 1687.

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