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Medieval Festival Tuscany

Italian Medieval Festival 2010

When & Where The Medieval Festival Tuscany is an Italian Medieval festival usually takes place on the second last Saturday in June and the first Sunday in September. It takes place in the town of Arezzo in the province of Tuscany in Italy.

What to Expect The entire town of Arezzo dresses up in medieval clothes and there's a dark ages feeling all around. In the morning a procession on the steps of the cathedral is presided by the provincial bishop in Arezzo. Then a parade ensues to Grande Piazza. In the afternoon the main event is the jousting.

Joust of the Saracen | Giostra Del Saracino Arezzo

There are four competitors dressed in different colours each representing their area /quarter of Arezzo, all competing in a bid for the Golden Lance.

Arezzo Medieval Festival Tuscany To win this competitors must strike a blow to a wooden target in the shape of a Saracen (moor).

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History of the Tuscany Jousting Festival

Tuscany Medieval Festival History

This Italian festival dates to the 13/14th Century to a brave knight who help defend the town of Arezzo against the Moors. Or so they say, this Tuscany festival is centuries old but it's origins or lost in time.

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