Lebowski Fest

Lebowski Fest - When & Where The Lebowski-Fest usually occurs throughout September and October in the United States. In line with the passion of Lebowski it takes place in bowling alley. The Big Lebowski Festival takes place in New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and Austin Texas.

*The next Lebowski Fest dates are February 25-26th 2011 in Tampa*

Lebowski Fest

What happens? You dress up like the dude or whichever Big Lebowski character tickles your fancy, you then proceed to drink and bowl.

The Big Lebowskis Fest

Remember To make a big effort to dress up that's the name of the the game , or what have you. Depending on location there can also be live music and performers.

Getting there You can book a train anywhere in America. Alternatively you can book a flight into any American airport here.

Hotels in America

There's quality accommodation available in from L.A to New York available here.

While you're there... There are lookalike competitions amongest other prizes to be had, man.

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