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Lanjaron Water Fiesta
Fiesta del Agua y del Jamon

When & Where The Lanjaron Water Fiesta occurs Midnight 23rd – 25th June, every year. Lanjaron, in Alpujarras area in the province of Granada, Spain.

Lanjaron Water Fiesta 2010 Why The Lanjaron Water Fiesta celebrates the feast of San Juan Batista (John the Baptist)

Known in Spanish as...Fiesta del Agua y del Jamon. It is a strong tradition to recreate baptisms throughout Spain.

Lanjaron Water Festival

Lanjaron-Water-Fiesta Batalla del Agua A midnight fireworks procession. It’s on. The Battala agua begins. People rush to the streets armed with buckets, bota bags & water pistols. Women spray power hoses from balconies, as oppourtunists below fill their empty buckets. Eventually a river flows through the streets and people begin to dance, splash and sing songs. Some even try to swim !

At one o clock fireworks and whistles go off and the Lanjaron Water Festival drys up for another year. It’s towel time. Quick change of clothes. It’s beer time. More fireworks and lengthy celebrations. The Spanish festival finishes on the 25th June.

Getting to Lanjaron Best to book a flight into Granada Jaén Airport here which is located just 35kms from Lanjaron or take a train from any major Spanish city here.

Accommodation There are great pensiones & excellent Hotels in Lanjaron and Granada available here.

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