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Lajkonik Festival in Poland

Lajkonik 2010 in Krakow

When & Where Lajkonik Festival usually occurs June 1st every year or the first Thursday after the Corpus Christi feast in Krakow, South Poland.

What to expect A man dressed as a Mongolian warrior stumbling around Krakow riding a fake horse. There is a parade with musicians, entertainers and local Krakowians. Soon after they catch him and a procession follows the city erupts and the longest night of the year follows. The terrace bars spill onto the squares and the underground cellar bars finally have all their lights on and if the great Polish beer doesn´t get you the Polish vodka will!

Getting there Fly into Krakow airport or book a train there.

Accommodation in Krakow

Accommodation For Polish Festivals accommodation should be booked early. There's quality hostels in Krakow & Poland available here.

Krakow Traditional Festival

History In the 13th century the Mongol armies had crossed Asia, and had made their way into Europe. Krakow was next on the list of Mongol colonies. However, against the odds Krakow managed to resist the Mongols advances. The gates to Krakow remained shut and a seige ensued. Eventually Krakow defeated the Mongols and a traditional festival was born.

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