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La Raima
Spanish Grape Throwing Festival

La Raima Grapefight When & Where The La Raima Valencia is a Spanish grape throwing Fiesta usually takes place in the town of Pobla del Duc which is less then an hour from Valencia. This festival usually occurs around the last Friday in August & is not to be confused with the Festa Dels Trepitjadors

What to expect At midday Three or four lorries will drive into a throng of people and dump 40 tons of local Spanish Garnacha Tintorera grapes. The participants pick and throw grapes at will.

Valencias Grape throwing Festival History

History Like many areas of Spain Pobla del Duc is dominated by agriculture. This Spanish fiesta signifies the end of the grape harvest and the start of Winter.

Accommodation in Valencia

There's limited Spanish accommodation at Poble Del Doc but lots of great hotels and quality hostels and pensiones in Valencia available here

Getting There Book a flight into Valencia Airport here or book a train to Pobla Del Duc here or bus it.

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