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La Diablada Peru

La Diablada Peru

Freddy Rubio captures La Diablada Puno PeruWhen & Where La Diablada in Peru is a South American fiesta which usually takes place during the week before November 5th in the town of Puno in Peru along the banks of legendary Lake Titicaca.

La Diablada Festival in Peru

Freddy Rubio Flickr: captures La Diablada Puno Peru

What to expect An evil spirit (reckon it's the Devil) leads the parade with throngs of possessed locals surrounding him.with red crucifixes dangling and make up, masks and traditional music lighting up the way.

Many Bolivians argue that this festival originated in Bolivia and that the costumes and music. There is a similar Peruvian traditional dance called "Son De los Diablos".

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Lake Titicaca Accommodation

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History : Punos La Diablada Festival, Peru


There are 2 explanations for this Latin American Fiesta:

1. It is dedicated to the departure of the evil, horned European conquistadors two hundred years ago.

2. It is a way of worshiping the Gods that be in Lake Titicaca. It could also be a mixture of the indigenous Inca beliefs and the beliefs of the Conquistadors.

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