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Kentz Cairo to Capetown
Cycle Challenge

Cycling From Cairo To Capetown: South Africa

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Cycling South Africa

A fake snake’s tail Erika De Jager. She is very scared of snakes. A convincing fake snake will cost you 30Rand at a South African Spar. Erika left her tent Daisy late one evening so I placed the plastic reptile around her tent. On returning to her tent she shrieked waking people in the process. She came to the campfire where a few of us were having some wine and a chinwag. I told her I would investigate the renegade serpent. I approached with caution. Crept up behind it then swiftly grabbed it behind the head. I proceeded to wrestle it to the ground and let it bite my neck. Erika let another SCREAM then, upon hearing my muffled laugh, she realized it was a joke- but she was a good sport and joined us for a drink.

Those last few days Cycling along the West coast of South Africa is breath taking. The landscape is amazing, looking out to my right I can see penguin colonies and flocks of flamingos as I pass by freezing Atlantic waters. Onshore winds belt against the tall sand dunes causing them to tumble onto the road before me, like hundreds of marbles spilling on a hard surface. This is the perfect backdrop for the crescendo of my journey.

Aids Awareness Campaigns South Africa Second Last Night : Thursday 8th of May Lara Callista Marie is born. It was another long night on the West coast as I shared a box of Overmeer wine with my veteran cycling buddies David and Clive around the campfire. After running out of things to burn and drink I crawled into my cozy sleeping bag, desperate to catch a few z’s ahead of tomorrow’s cycle. In the background the rhythmic sound of the Atlantic Ocean gently ushered me to dreamland. BRRRRRIIING – BRRRRIIING ! ……..? It was my phone, it was 2am. My sister Adrienne was calling to inform me that Lara Callista Marie was born, my first niece and non-speaking supporter. I was barely able to open my eyes let alone acknowledge this information or ponder my redefined role in the family. Congratulations to my sister Yolanda and her partner David “Bunny” Rawat.

Tour DAfrique South Africa We retire to the local bar near the campsite and celebrate until what I believe was 4am, probably. There were lots of locals and the jaegermeister was flowing with no regard for those last 80kms into Capetown. However when I tried to find my tent in the late night/ early morning I noticed it wasn’t where I put it. Spurred on by alcohol and the belief that it could have taken by the wind I then set off looking for it for about an hour around the camp with no headlight. I ended up sleeping in a truck.

tour-dafrique-last-night Second last day in Yzerfountain Camp Breakfast today consisted of a toasted ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a banana milkshake, 5 pies, 2 bars of chocolate and a large coffee. All before 9am. That’s going straight to my ass.

Today’s cycle is kind of boring actually. There’s excitement about getting so close to Capetown but I feel most people are just trying to get through today as soon as possible. This day did start with a hangover and at about 3pm I remember that "bundle of joy" phone call that my sister Adrienne gave me at 2am last night. I put aside all my selfish fears of a puncture, and cleared my mind of all my needs and wants. Now I had time to ponder the new life in my life.

The last night- early celebrations The excitement of being so close to Capetown is incredible. I feel guilty for writing my blog this is the precious time that should be spent in a pub or around the camp with my friends. There is an informal awards ceremony in camp and I receive the prize for “most likely to put his life at risk” they never explained why, but I received a bottle of cheap sherry for my troubles.

I drank the sherry and anything anyone put in front of me. It was an awesome night don't remember how it finished up but there were lots of people there and the excitement was amazing. Celebrations, singing, stumbling around the place. Jaeger my Meister. All good. That's my recollection.

I gained some conciousness when I realised my tent had been stolen. I suddenly realised I was walking aimlessly around the camp for about 2 hours. I, like most drunk men who loose something, will consistently look for it in the same place. There was no sign of it. I fell asleep on the nearest sturdy object.

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