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Kentz Cairo to Capetown
Cycle Challenge

Cycle Cairo to Capetown

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This is the blog of Conor Devine as he cycled the length of Africa.

Tour d'Afrique Cycling through the Namib desert Cycling from Cairo to Capetown Sunday January 13th 2008, I, Conor Patrick Devine (Spider) will cycle from Cairo in Egypt to Cape Town in South Africa. Those of you who know me best will know that I cycle most places. Those of you who don’t know me – now you know ! It will be a true test of my mental & physical limits. As most people think I am crazy to undertake this journey hopefully there will be no mental limits ! I will be completing most of my journey with the Tour d'Afrique cycle tour.

Thanks !

Charity Collection Dublin I need to thank all my friends & family who helped collect money on the streets of Dublin shaking buckets and flirting with strangers. There's too many to name individually, you know who you are and I really appreciate all your support. Together we have raised in excess of €22,000. WELL DONE :) You can see an account of our money raised here. This money will go to my Ethiopian based charity APA www.apa.ie, a local subsidiary of the Italian charity CVM www.apa.ie www.cvm.an.it. Their projects finance microeconomic ventures for local women affected with AIDS and also provides training and transportaton for AIDS education provided by locals with AIDS.

Africa-Dirt-Road I would like to thank Kentz Engineers & Constructors for all their support in getting my project off the ground. They have provided me with the once in a life time opportunity to raise much needed funds for my charity APA. As I visit my charity projects in Ethiopia I am able to see exactly where the money I raised is going and meet people affected by Aids. I am also looking forward to meeting the much obliging Pat Cass of Kentz in Capetown ! Thanks also to Robbie and the gang from the Great Outdoors & Paul and the lads at Centro cycles who provided my excellent equipment for this journey.
the backsteets of Cairo

My route

I will start at the Pyramids outside of Cairo (Egypt) and then pass through Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia & then South Africa. I will also climb Mt. Kilimanjaro as I pass by it & I will stopping into a few of APA's projects. The main objective is to capture as much of the public’s imagination & support as possible. This expedition will test both physical and mental limits and so your support is greatly appreciated. Anybody can be involved from communities to corporations.

Cycle Across Africa Travel Blog

checking out the roads by pyramids in cairo Day 1 Saturday 12th January 2008- "Rush Hour Cairo" 128kms 8am at the Pyramids of Giza in Cairo. The Pyramids seem a fitting starting point for the challenge of cycling the entire continent so I joined the Tour d'Afrique and will do so for a lot of my journey. Judging by what others say Egypt is the easiest of all the countries we encounter. Egypt has the best roads, desert camping conditions, food & water supply. It also has a constant tailwind which makes my job that little bit easier.

dead camel in sahara desertAfter cycling through the Pyramids we spent over 2 hours leaving Cairo city. We had a police escort all the way to our camp and we needed this. Especially for Cairo city. The traffic is crazy, chaotic and as a big a wonder as the pyramids how more cyclists aren't killed on the roads. Every car will beep it's horn every 20 seconds. If the drivers make eye contact with you and give the thumbs up they will demand you to respond in kind. They will actually drive beside you until they get this response !

Egypt  tour Members of the Egyptian national cycling team (see right photo) joined us until we reached Sudan. Mathmo (middle of picture), a member of the squad told me how his friend and fellow national cycle team member was killed on the roads in Cairo less then a week ago. This was a terrible accident and left a huge void in the team especially as they build towards the Olympics 2008 in Bejiing.

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Click here to view my donation page for my charity APA

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