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Japans Water Drawing Festival

Water Drawing Festival in Japan

When & Where Japans Water Drawing Festival is an Asian festival which takes place on the 12th & 13th April in the Nigatsu-dō of Tōdai-ji, Nara, Japan.

What to Expect Buddhist monks draw water from the Wakasa Well, underneath the Nigatsu-dō Hall. According to legend it only springs forth water once a year. The monks draw water and offer it first to the Bodhisattva Kannon and then offer it to the public in the form of fire and ash ! The water is believed to cure illnessÂ’es. It's a great time to visit Nara & Japan as it is also around the Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival time.

Getting there Book a flight into Tokyo or any airport in Japan here or book a train in Asia here.

Water Drawing Japanese festAccommodation in Nara & Japan

Where to stay Book your accommodation for Omitzutori Festival below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Nara & the rest of Japan available here.

History of Omitzutori This Japanese festival is a Buddhist tradition which and is the final rite in observance of the two week-long Shuni-e ceremony.

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