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Horn Dance in England

Horn Dance England

Horn-Dance-Staffordshire-EnglandWhen & Where The Horn Dance England is a festival which usually takes place in the town of Abbots Bromley in Staffordshire in England on Wakes Monday which is the first Monday after the first Sunday after 4th September.

Englands Horn Dance Festival

Dance of the Horns Staffordshire What to Expect At 8am six local Midlanders take a set of Deer antlers, which are thousands of years old, parading them around a 16km course for the rest of the day accompanied by maids and archers. They stop regularly to dance to the sounds of their minstrels.

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Accommodation in Staffordshire

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The Pagan Horn dance in Staffordshire

Horn Dance Staffordshire EnglandHistory

This English festival dates back to 1227, it has been deemed a pagan ritual but others believe it was because locals were granted the hunting rights for Needwood forest.

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