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Headless Chicken Festival

Mike Headless Chicken

Headless Chicken DaysWhen & Where The Headless Chicken Festival usually occurs the third weekend in May in the town of Fruita in the state of Colorado: America.

What to expect Strange events celebrating one tough chicken called Mike. Events such as egg tossing, the run like a headless chicken race, various chicken eating contests, chicken olympics, concerts performed by bands dressed as chickens and of course the chicken dance competition. Don't miss Mike's Mad May Car Show.

Getting to Roswell Book a flight into Pinyon Airport or another Colorado airport like Aspen here or take an Amtrak train here

Accommodation in Fruita Colorado

Where to stay There’s lots of accommodation available in Colorado-you can find a quality hotel or cheap accommodation in and around Fruita in advance here .

Head-less Chicken Festival - Mike's History

Mikes Mad May car Show History September 10th 1945, whilst billions were adjusting to life without a world war Clara olsen was feeling peckish in Fruita Colorado. She sent out Llyod Olsen to fetch a chicken to chow on, Mike the chicken. As Llyod attempted to decapitate it...the chicken resisted. Lloyd could only manage to chop off all of the head but left a bit of spinal cord, Mike the headless chicken was born. Enough spial cord was left to let Mike the chicken live for another few years. The Olsens and Mike toured coast to coast in circus style and Llyod spoiled that chicken: it's weight quadrupled from being fed by syringe. Mike was valued at $10,000 by banks due to the money fascinated people would pay and a hefty insurance policy was also required

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