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Gubbio Candle Race
Corsa Dei Ceri

Corsa de Ceri in Gubbio Italy When & Where The Gubbio Candle Race is an Italian festival which usually takes place in the town of Gubbio in Italy on May 15th (St Ubaldo Day).

What to Expect At 6pm the Priest blesses the town as they split in three teams:

Yellow for St Ubaldo

Blue for St George

Black for St Anthony

Candle race in Gubbuio ItalyEach team races against each other around the town of Gubbio holding a massive 3ft heavy torch. The object is to be the first team to win the giant candle lugging race ! The candles Ceri are lifted around town and back up to the Basilica of St Ubaldo then up challenging Monte Ingino. The candles take about 10-15 men ceraiole to carry and weigh about half a ton.

Accommodation in Gubbio

Where to stay Book your accommodation below for the Corsa Dei Ceri. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Gubbio available here.

Getting there Book a flight to any Italian airport Italian Airport here then take a bus or book a train here.

History of Gubbios Candle Festival

The History of this Italian festival in honour of St Ubaldo has been held since the year 1242 and the tradition involved has not changed too much since then.

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