Guatemalas Burning Devil Festival


Burning Devil Festival

Guatemala-Burning-Devil-Festival When & Where The Guatemalas Burning Devil Festival is religous festival which usually takes place on December 7th across Guatemala, best celebrated in Antigua.

What to expect At 6pm piles of rubbish and giant effigies of Devils/Diablos are burnt in an attempt to rid the country of anyevil presence. In traditional South American Festival fashion there are plenty of fireworks and marimba bands will drown out the crackle of burning cardboard.

Getting there Book a flight into any Guatemala City airport (about 45 minutes from Antigua- be carful not to confuse with Antigua in Puerto Rico) here or book a train to Antigua here

Guatemala & Antiguas Devil Burning Festival

Where to stay Cheap accommodation and excellent hotels are available in Antigua and Guatemala City during the Devil festival here
History of Quema Del Diablo According to Guatemalian tradition the Devil lurks in everyones house so a mass exorcism rids people of his presence. This is accompanied by a large cleaning of the house, cars and other belongings.

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