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Float Festival Takayama

Takayama Spring Festival Japan When & Where The Float Festival Takayama is an traditional festival which takes place on the 14th & 15th of April at the Hie Jinja Shrine in Takayama the Ishikawa Prefecture in Japan. There’s also an Autumn Matsure called Hachiman Matsuri at the Hachiman Shrine on October 9th & 10th.

What to Expect Lots of Yamaboko floats paraded by Kimono sporting locals. There’s lots of rivers and tiny elegant Japanese bridges throughout Takayama which makes this perhaps the most beautiful float festival in Japan. These 10 ton floats take 40 people 5 days to build.

Getting there Book a flight into Takayama or any airport in Japan here.

Accommodation in Japan

Where to stay Book your accommodation for this Japanese float Festival below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in Takayama,Ishikawa & the rest of Japan here.

History of Sonna Matsuri

Although the this Japanese festivals over 1000 years old the dea of porting a float around is from 17th Century AD. See also the other popular Float festivals:

Chichibu Matsuri & Gion Matsuri

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