Fiesta San Miguel


Fiesta San Miguel

El Tinku dance

When & Where Fiesta San Miguel takes place on September 29th every year in the small town of Uncia in the Potosi district of Bolivia.

What to expect This Latin America festival has parades, beers and the infamous Tinku dances. It's part a mix of conquistadore and indigenous indian beliefs.


Bolivias El Tinku Traditional Dances

Try not to get too involved: these dances are the re-enactment between good and evil. The local indians come to offer the earth goddess (Mother Earth) Pachamama a sacrafice. Therefore the more blood spilled the richer the harvest will be. Dressed as conquistadores and sometimes with the help of refrees: local individuals and families jump and dance swinging their arms wildly whilst referees and local Bolivian police bearing whips create a chaotic atmosphere. Many people have been injured and some have even died. A death can be interpreted as the sign of a good harvest according to local indians and and an honourable act.

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El Tinku History in Uncia, Bolivia


El Tinku translated as "encounter" originates from San Miguel defending Uncia from evil by breathing fire at any devil attempting to attack the town. Fiesta De San Miguel in Uncia has met much criticism from both the government and major religions of Bolivia.

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