Festivals in the Americas 2010

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North American Festivals

American FestivalsFestivals in South America are a mix of indigenous rituals and the Catholic celebrations from colonizers. However there are lots of crazy festivals around the Americas such as Burning Man & How Weird Festival to name but a few.

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South American Festivals

South American FestivalsFestivals in the Americas 2010 covers everything from Alaska to Buenos Aires Tango festival. The best about the Americas is..there's two of them- ok but the fact that it spans two hemispheres means that if its Winter up North there's always something going on South from indigenous festivals which protest the Spanish conquistadors to Mexico celebrating the defeat of France. We feature Latin American festivals from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego.

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January Festivals in the Americas

Oruro Carnaval by Tomke-AnthropoturistaCarnival Blancos y Negros
Carnaval Blancos Negros in Pasto Colombia a South American Festival celebrated by slaves and masters through dance.

Wash the Bonfim
One of the oldest festivals of Brasil where a church is worshipped, followed by … a carnaval of course.

Mummers Day Parade
Get to Philly and party through the night, barely finished celebrating and dancing ? Ok now put on fancy dress and party through the streets.

Sundance Film Festival Jack BlackGreat Alaska Beer & Barley Fest
Alaska Beer & Barley Fest; Clear skies, cloudy beers, hundreds of brews, thousands of people and one great reason to celebrate: beer.

Sundance Film Fest
Sundance Film Festival 2009: every January in Park City Utah.

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