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Festival Competition

This Festival Competition has expired. To win FREE Tickets to festivals click here

Festival-competition Our Festival Competition puts a price on your memory. Post your festival picture and story. So how do we decide a winner ? simple it's the picture with the most votes.

Play the politician open a local supermarket, mow lawns, propose bills, be nice to everyone, get into the oil business OR ask your friends to vote online for your picture and story.

We don't need Michael Moore to tell us every election is about who you know - so let them know. If you send your friends your link and ask for their votes this can help your chances of WINNING

Votes + Votes + Votes = $100

There is a $100 Ticketmaster Voucher for the submission with the mostvotes. So send your link to your friends & get them to vote. Ratings only matter in the event of a draw.

Competition Has Expired

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