Festivals 2010

Festivals 2010 from around the globe this is a week by week breakdown of the best events in the world documented every week by Festivalpig. To keep updated on what is happening now check out our homepage and to know the future join us on twitter or facebook.

Last week 5th February 2010 Festivals Croatia hosts the maškare (masked) carnival, Russia & Italy celebrate carnival too. Zanzibar hosts a Swahili Fringe festival. In Australia the Laneway Festival visits Adelaide, Perth & Sydney and Dubai prepares for a month of shopping.

29th January 2010 Festivals It's Groundhog day...again in America whilst Laneway Fest goes to Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney. Dublin hosts a traditional Irish music weekend, The legendary Full Moon takes place in Thailand & Quebec throws its Winter Carnival where the city fills with ice sculptures.

Camel-Wrestling-Turkey22nd January 2010 Tamworth festival is on in Australia in fact don't forget Australia day too. In Ireland there's a tra-music festival in Temple bar. People dress like vikings with torches in the Shetlands, Bulgaria has a masquerade festival & Alaska hosts its beer festival.

15th January 2010 Australia hosts the earthly Rainbow Serpent festival & Big Day Out festival. The Sundance Film Festival kicks off, as does the Singapore Fringe Festival. In Turkey camels are wrestling & in China an entire city is carved from Ice.

St-Anthony-in-Spain8th January 2010 Australia throws out a some great music events like Big Day Out & Tamworth. Horses leap through fire in Spain whilst bulls are paraded through the street in the Philippines. Singapore Fringe kicks off as well as Sundance film festival in the USA. The Tuareg Desert festival continues in Mali and Brazil pays homage to one of its most revered churches.

1st January 2010 After awesome news years eve parties around the globe 2010 jumps into action with a carnival of flour in Columbia, a desert festival with the Tuareg in Mali & India continues it's traditional music festivities.

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