Festivalpig Festivals 2009

This is the archive of Festivalpig Festivals 2009 as featured on our homepage, there are a few weeks missing due to our own silly filing system, or lack thereof..

Festivals this week

New Years Eve in America

St. Stephens Day in Ireland

Mummers Day in America

Hogmanay in Scotland

Chennai traditional music fest in India

Full Moon Party in Thailand

Reveillon in Brasil

Fiesta Grande in Chile

Woodford Folk Fest in Australia

24th December 2009 Christmas is celebrated only after Fiesta Grande in Chile. Ireland celebrates the local festivities of St. Stephen's Day. Time Square New York will be going off for News Years Eve, Scotland celebrates Hogmanay and Philadelphia enjoys 'Mummers Day' all this while Thailand parties for the final Full Moon of 2009. If you're in Brazil get to a beach to enjoy Reveillon. The Aborigine Woodford Music Fest is on in Australia and India celebrates the traditional Madras music in Chennai.

Hogmanay Festival in Scotland14th December 2009 This weeks festivals: Japan remembers it's Samurai warriors, Guatemala celebrates the Fiesta Santo Tomas and a rural French village celebrate Turkeys. India hosts it's biggest traditional music festival.

7th December 2009 Belgium holds a Winter Beer festival this weekend, Japan celebrates 47 Samurai warriors. Guatemala continues to toast the devil and what appear to be the last of the bicycle film festival dates are filled in.

Mummers Day Philidelphia1st December 2009 Bicycle film fest rolls into New Orleans whilst Thailand celebrates the 12th Full Moon Party of 2009. Belgium hosts a sophisticated beer festival, Japan's streets welcome traditional floats and Guatemala pays homage to El Diablo.

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23rd November 2009 Thailand worships it's most prized primate in Lopburi, the Australian town of Broome reflects on mangos, Americans celebrate their most successful hijacker ever and the bicycle film fest rolls into Tokyo.

17th November 2009 Another lonesome week for festies with just the Elephant Round-up in Thailand on our database.

9th November 2009 Ennis traditional Irish music festival comes to a close and the unfaithful Italians celebrate the Festa del Cornuto. Wow pretty quiet week really- we have almost a thousand festivals on this website; it appears this is the quietest week of all! Don't forget you guys can add a festie to this website here and keep the pig smiling.

Samurai Festival Tokyo Japan

2nd November 2009 Italy celebrates unfaithful partners as well as playing a giant game of swans & ladders. Australia prepares for the Summer with the famous Melbourne Cup. Thailand's full moon festival shines on. Mexico, Peru & England celebrate Guy Fawkes, ancient ancestors and barrel rolling whilst Ireland has traditional music festival.

26th October 2009 Lots of great parties going on this week;the bicycle film festival continues across America hitting Denver this weekend. Irish opera & jazz lovers have a few more chances to enjoy the fun in Wexford & Cork.

16th October 2009 Festivalpig Offers condolences to the families of the people who died in the fireworks warehouse in Pallipat, near Chennai, Tamil Nadu in India during Diwali - the festival of lights.

Festivals20th July 2009 The busiest week of the year has been a peculiar one recording 3 deaths, one at The Pohoda Fest in Slovakia when a tent collapsed, a man fell to his death at Exit in Serbia & another death was recorded at Pamplona's San Fermin. Our condolences to family & friends. Have fun but play safe.

Festivalpig Festivals 2009

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