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You've sworn to yourself - no more boring tours. No more will you sit on a tour bus with blue hairs listening to the guide drone on and on about how many stones are in Hadrian's Wall and where they came from. No way. Travel should be fun.

It's been said that travel is one of the best ways to get to know yourself - but why not get to know a few friends around the world too? Nothing helps friends bond like smashing each other with tomatoes during La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain.

Or, maybe debauching it up in Edinburgh for Hogmanay is more to your liking. Watch the fireballs dance into the night as you snuggle with your new found paramour. Then stumble back to your timeshare for a quick nightcap and a great night's rest. In the morning - enjoy a bit of the hair o' the dog and you're off on another adventure.

Found your favorite festival? Buy timeshares nearby and never have to worry about booking a hotel room farenough in advance. Worried about being locked into one destination? Don't be. You can exchange your suite for another nearly anywhere in the world you want to party.

Okay, here's the straight deal on timeshares for sale.

If you do buy a festival-timeshare, you won't have to worry about hotel costs ever again. You pay for the use of your suite up front, then pay a small annual maintenance fee and that's it. In the U.S. most places will sell you a deed to your suite. In Europe you'll usually buy a right to use the suite for a certain number of years.

Inspired by Papa's tales of glory in Europe? Run with the Bulls in Spain and experience just a taste of his real, gritty world.

And here's a clue for you hotel and hostel lovers out there - use timeshare rentals instead. Yep - you can get a festival-timeshare with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen AND living room for about the same price you'd pay to stay in a little hotel room. Like to chill out and groove to some mellow music? Try the JVC Jazz Festival in Newport, RI. Some of the biggest and best names in jazz make this festival a priority for fans. You can sit in the shadow of the fort or if you're lucky, get on board one of the yachts that line the waterway. Some people even jump in the water and get pulled on board the more party friendly yachts.

Go ! explore your hedonistic side at Burning Man or your spiritual side in Nepal's Baisakh Poornima Festival - but the point is to GO!

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