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Festival of Horns in Italy
Festa Del Cornuto

Festa Del Cornuto

When & Where The Festival of Horns (Festa Del Cornuto in Italian) Italian festival usually takes place in November in the town of Roca Canterano in the province of Lazio near Rome in Italy.

What to Expect This Italian festival celebrates anyone who has been cheated on in a relationship. People march through the streets in a parade of Cornutos where people wear horn and a lot of hooking up goes down. Satirical floats telling stories pass through the streets as strangers may ask you to fare le corna.

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History Rocca Canterano Festa Cornuto

Festa Del CornutoHistory

In Italy the word Cornuto translates as the person who has been cheated on by a partner. The symbol for this is by making "bull horns" with your thumb and little fingers. Noone is sure of the origins of this Italian festa but we know who benefits from it !

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