Feria De San Marcos
Festival of St. Mark

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When & Where The Feria De San Marcos in Mexico festival takes place usually in mid-April and lasts for a month. This South American fiesta takes place on Expoplaza square in the town of Aguascalientes in Mexico.


San Marcos in Aguascalientes


Feria San Marcos by Juliosm What to expect More then a million people, a huge parade to commemorate San Marco around the last weekend in April (or the 25th). Traditional Mexican events such as cock-fights, bull fights, rodeos, traditional poetry, dance both traditional and interpretations of Flamenco and music. International stars who have performed here include Shakira and Julio Igleses. It is also legal to gamble in the casino only during this Mexican Fiesta.

Getting there Book flights to Aguascalientes here or book a train to Aguascalientes here. Feria De San Marcos

History St Marks Festival The history of this Mexican Fiesta began in the early 1800's as an agriculture fair and livestock market however it's beautiful location and soon drew crowds from all over leading to the numbers that attend today.

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