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Eid Al Fatir Festival

Eid Al Fitr

When and Where Eid Al Fatir Festival / عيد الفطر Also known as Eid Ul-Fatir. This Islamic festival (often referred to as Eid) celebrates the end of Ramadan; the holy month of fasting and marks the start of Shawwal. The date of Eid can vary depending on the moon; in 2011 it should fall on August 31st. Some Muslims celebrate the Eid festival for up to 4 days, depending on where you celebrate it.

What happens? There is a great sense of community as people eat and pray together. Gifts are given to family, friends and colleagues and people really make an effort to dress up in their best gear. Graves of the deceased are also visited. People must also pay Zakat Al-Fitr which is a charity that must be payed after the Moon of Shawwal but before the first prayeer of Eid. Zakat Al-Fitr can be money or foodstuff. In some areas of Afghanistan carnival rides are set up for the children.

Eid Ul-Fatir Islamic Customs

Islamic customs Salah Congregational prayer as well as donating to charity and donig good deeds. New clothes, gifts and money are also exchanged. In Afghanistan cards are sent for the Eid.

FYI Eid is the Arabic word for festivity and Fiṭr means to break fast. So literal meaning is festivity to break fast.

Islamic language variations When celebrating Eid in Turkey, where Bayram id the word for festivities, greet people with Bayramınız Kutlu Olsun (May Your Bayram Be Celebrated). In Iran the Eid festival is referred to as Eyde Fetr. In South Asia countries like Bangladesh , India , Sri Lanka , Pakistan and Nepal the traditional greeting is Eid Mubarak. It is a public holiday in India and a popular time to visited the graves of loved ones. Eid is typically celebrated as a three day even in South Asia.

In South-East Asia countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, Eid is called Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Hari Raya Idul Fitri or Hari Raya Puasa. Hari Raya which means Celebration Day. In Indonesia time is put aside to visit the elderly, this is called halal bi-halal. The Philippines, which has a predominantly Christian population recognises Eid as a public holiday.

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