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Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Fringe Festival Edinburgh

When & Where The Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Performing Arts Festival occurs every August for three weeks in Edinburgh, Scotland. It usually begins on the second week and finishes at the start of September.

What to expect All types of art forms such as theatre, comedy, children's shows, dance, physical theatre, musicals, operas, all genres of music, exhibitions, and events.

Edinburghs Fringe Festival

Edinburgh Fringe Event Tickets Some tickets must be purchased in advance, a lot of the events are free.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival This is the best time to visit Edinburgh in 2008 there was 2,088 different shows with a total of 31,320 performances in 247 venues. Anyone can perform - don't expect pay but the organisers will try to accommodate you as much as possible.

Getting to Edinburgh Book a flight into Edinburgh International airport here or book a train to Edinburgh.

Accommodation in Edinburgh

Where to stay There’s lots of accommodation available during the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh but make sure you book well in advance: you can find a quality hotel or budget accommodation in Scotland here.

Fringe Festival Edinburgh

History In 1947 eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to the first Edinburgh International Festival (EIF). Since then more perfomers came to Edinburgh to perform on the outskirts of the EIF and by 1958 the Festival Fringe Society was formed.

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