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Drum Festival Spain
La Tamborrada

Spain Drum Festival Tamborrada When & Where The Drum Festival Spain usually takes place on January 20th in Donostia San Sebastian in the Basque land of Spain for one day only.

What to Expect From midnight to midnight the streets of San Sebastian fill with many gastronomic societies from San Sebastian marching in uniform all bidding to outdo each other. It begins in Plaza de la Constitution and marches all the way to the Old City of San Sebastian. This Spanish drums festival is an intense noisy fiesta lasting 24 hours.

Getting there Book a flight into any Spanish Airport (including San Sebastian, & Bilboa) here or take a train to San Sebastian here.

San Sebastian Drum Festival January Where to stay Book your accommodation for La Tanmborrada Drum Festival Spain below. There's quality hotels or cheap accommodation in the San Sebastian area available here.

History: San Sebastian Drum Fiesta

La Tamborrada History History

The history of this Spanish drums Festival go back to when the French occupied the Basque country. The French soldiers would play their drums when they were on the charge. One day as they did so in 1720 a baker who was filling water barrels from a fountain near the Iglesia de San Vicente (Church of St Vincent) San Sebastian began to sing, and a group of young girls passing by started banging on the barrels as accompaniment. The crowd started to gather and this drum beating knees up which evolved over the last almost 300 years into the spectacle you see today. It also gave rise to Raimundo Sarriegui who created the masterpiece the "March of San Sebastian" which is played to this day.

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